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We All Have to Start Somewhere

Sometimes that somewhere looks like...

  • I'm so tired of my 9-5 and I just want to spend my time building a life around doing something I love. Photography seems like it would be something I'd enjoy.
  • I know I want to learn photography to capture my family and friends, but I don't know where to start.
  • I've got the photography basics down, but I don't know how to transition into starting a business and making money.
  • Right now I'm a shoot-and-burn photographer and I want to learn to take my business to the next level with printed products and bigger sales.
  • I already have a photography business shooting weddings, but I really (really) want my weekends back.
  • I would love to learn the art of boudoir photography to incorporate it into my existing business to generate more revenue. But I'd like to learn to shoot the genre tastefully and mindfully. 

If that sounds like your "somewhere" then you're in the right place. 

Because, I'll be honest, I've been in ALL of those places in my career. And that is the inspiration behind this online learning space.

Michele John Photography

I can’t say enough wonderful things about Arnica as both a mentor and as a teacher (NLPS).  As a mentor, she has helped me and my business move along faster, and with direction, in the last several months (almost a year), than what I was capable of on my own.  She has helped me with retouching and creating the look for image style and retouching that I have always wanted to produce, as well as she has helped me become more efficient in my shooting.  On the business side, she taken me from a completely scattered mess (I run my photography business and help my husband in our other business, so time is a precious commodity), to having my website up and running (well), as well as my CRM and so many other little tasks along the way.  Her NLPS has also been invaluable.  Arnica breaks down her shooting style, vision, and BTS tips from posing to lighting to create beautiful images for my clients.  Again, she has moved my ship faster in less than one year, than I was able to do in the last 3 years.  Her mentorship and education platform are worth every cent spent.  If you are on the fence about what to do, I say “do it” if you want to level up your business, your skill as a photographer and your overall brand.  

- Michele

Marissa Ruth Studios

Arnica is an AMAZING teacher and photographer! I have been in several education groups over the years and Arnica's group is by far the BEST group ever. She cares about the questions we ask, she comments when we post, she is engaged with all of us and present. Her education material has helped me become more confident in what I'm doing, learning to think outside the box and provide much better quality images to my clients. She puts us all on the same level, there is no intimidation or feelings that as the instructor she is above us, she is just another amazing woman wanting to help other photographers achieve their greatness. I cannot recommend Arnica enough, you will learn so much from her and feel like you have a mentor who cares immensely about you. 
- Marissa

Sand & Light Photography

I joined Arnica's coaching group, The Natural Light Portrait Studio, after I heard her on The Portrait Master's Podcast. I connected so much with her approach to photography, and specifically photographing women. Her work blew me away and when I found out she had a coaching group, I knew immediately that I had to be part of it. 

The Natural Light Portrait Studio coaching is next-level incredible. Arnica shares so much and she gives away all of her secrets to success. She covers it all...from mindset, how to run a business smarter and more efficiently, all of the marketing nitty-gritty, and of course, how to up-level photography and editing skills. 
Arnica is also the type of mentor who doesn't just want you to succeed, but PUSHES you to get there! She gives encouragement, shares every ounce of her knowledge and isn't afraid to keep it real and raw. Don't hire Arnica if you don't really want to grow and step outside of your comfort zone. Hire Arnica Spring as your Mentor if you are ready to invest in growth and do the work. She'll show you exactly what you need to do to achieve your photography and business goals, and will hold you accountable along the way. 
Having Arnica in my life is a true blessing! She's an inspirational human and a beautiful friend. 
- Amy

Meet Arnica Spring.

Hello friend! My name is Arnica Spring Rae and I have been a Beauty, Boudoir & Branding photographer for over 15 years now. I run Arnica Spring Photography, a thriving boutique photography studio in the mountains of Montana. I created The Natural Light Portrait Studio to guide you as a new or seasoned photographer into being exceptional at your art, as well as building a high-end business that sustains you. 

"I invite you to join me inside The Natural Light Portrait Studio membership site and education platform. Let's make a plan for your photography career."

Introducing The Natural Light Portrait Studio: 

All The Tools You Need in One Place To Build A Successful Photography Business.

NLPS is a training community for both aspiring and working photographers, providing start to finish information on how to build a successful career as a photographer with an emphasis on Beauty, Boudoir & Branding photography in a studio setting.

NLPS provides in-depth, practical training and resources on all aspects of learning to photograph with both natural light & studio strobes as well as run a successful business.

PLUS, NLPS provides the community support you need to ensure your career achieves its full potential.

Love what you do.

Build a business you love, that generates a solid income and finally gives you the freedom and lifestyle you want.

Master what you do.

Finally get to grips with the technical side of building and managing a viable, thriving business.

Time management.

Save yourself time trying to piece together photography instructionals and find everything you need in one place.

Find support.

Navigate the up's and down's of building a business in a community passionate about breaking through to the next level.

Produce your best work, every time.

"I can help you improve your craft at every stage, from choosing the right lighting and posing subjects to editing final shots and creating purchasing options."

4 Ways To Learn Inside the
NLPS Membership

The 5 Phase Path

The NLPS 5 Phase Path is a step-by-step guide to creating a thriving photography business starting from zero.

In-Depth Courses

We'll cover all subjects related to photography and business: studio design, equipment, styling, posing, lighting, marketing, product design and more!

Live Q+As

Weekly Live Q+A sessions, as well as Live Photoshoots.

Expert Workshops

Available to NPLS Annual and Rewards Members and offered a few times a year.

Access to the NLPS Training Archive

NLPS features a growing library of content for you to dive straight into as soon as you join, including full courses on topics ranging from basic camera skills to lighting, posing and editing. Weekly content is added to the archive for NLPS Members to consume at your own pace.

Learn what you need, when you need to, from wherever you want.


Studio Access Members gain immediate access to bonus resources, including:

  • Posing Guides
  • Prep Guides (editable)
  • Cheatsheets and workbooks
  • One-on-one Mentoring call with Arnica (1 per year)
  • Special workshops at discounted rates

. . . and more!

Begin the journey to mastery today.

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